Wednesday, December 31, 2008

little house

Little Houses was created in an East Vancouver apartment in 2006. Everything you see is constructed from sketch, to pattern, to garment. Visit also the blog at:

reuben miller

Ordinary packing tape takes on a whole new dimension when printed with pretty or clever designs. They've put together an international collection of designer packing tapes that were too cool not to share. Check it out on Reuben Miller.
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eat your heart out bowl

Her name is Meredith and she is a porcelain snob. She focuses on making fun utilitarian pots, and loves bright colors & out-of-the-ordinary designs.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

hey ho

Hey ho! I'm so happy! Desiretoinspire has posted my banner on the blog that Sunday. I'm very happy and gratefull!

vintage etsy shop

A fantastic vintage etsy shop, which I was thrilled to find today. Persephone Vintage.

-1 to the 2009

A calendar made by somethingshidinghere and sold on Etsy.

everybody loves expedit /9

Click through for a closeup of this great IKEA hack utilizing doorstops as legs.

waveform rings

My boyfriend showed me those rings. They are so cool!
Waveform Series is the laser-cut shapes of the waveform of the sound in sound editing software environment. The artist that created the rings used some human sound such as yawn, atchoum, giggle, wow, and the sound of church bell.

Monday, December 29, 2008

french press

French Press was started in 2006 by Shelly Bronson. Her background in both Print Design and Printmaking made for a natural transition into Letterpress Printing.
Each piece is hand-fed into our press. Letterpress is know for yielding beautiful impressions and is revered for its inconsistencies. Each piece will have very very slight differences due to the nature of the printing. If you are looking for flawless printing, letterpress is not your answer.

-2 to the 2009

Forget near and far, the time has come to be now-sighted. Sundays are red, the rest are black - a minor detail. Test your vision but keep in mind these days are numbered. This is awesome. Made by Numbered Type.


The design duo Brighten The Corners challenges the QWERTY keyboard's full graphic capabilities with their new book Victor & Susie, a children's tale for adults illustrated completely from type.

365th skull

Skull-a-day is a project of Another Limited Rebellion. He created the first skull on June 4th, 2007 and posted it online saying, “I’m making a skull a day for a year”. Now in Skull-A-Day 2.0 he’s posting daily submissions from readers.
Check it out, you will find plenty of inspiring stuff and, if you like skulls as much as I do, you will want to live your mark as well!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

-3 to the 2009

Here a beautiful limited edition desktop calendar.
It comes with an introduction explaining each month's image, eg January - If you plan on sailing the seven seas, take a tip from ancient mariners and wear a sprig of thyme around your neck for protection against sea monsters. The calendar is hand silkscreen printed onto recycled boxboard using hand-mixed inks to produce an original colour palette. Each month is separately printed with some months having as many as four separate passes, one of the colours being unique to that month, making all pages exclusive and individual.
You can
click here for more information or to pick up a calendar ($45).

interesting display /38

Paige's Painter's Eye.

ikea face

Advertising Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg, Sweden
Media Agency: MEC

Reproduction/Retouch/Original: Factory F&B

Advertiser's Supervisor: Christine Eliasson

home sweet home /24

Caroline Hwang is a Brooklyn based artist and crafter whose work I just adore. I recently came across a few photos of her apartment posted on Design Sponge's Sneak Peeks column and just love the way she displays her collections of found objects and artwork throughout her home. You too can get the look with these great items on Etsy.

cherry blossom girl

I'm not talking about a song, eheh, I'm talking another time about fashion, because I really love it!
She is Alix, a recent fashion school graduate, and a designer with a cool fashion line and a cool blog.