Monday, June 30, 2008

polaroid of the day /11

(polaroid by dream in colour)

siamese chair

Siamese chair is a beautiful idea by Guy Brown for Farmdesigns, a decidedly British design collective, produces a diverse range of engaging and witty products.
Guy Brown, born 1980, lives and works in Nottingham. He is currently working with Via Vaudeville! as artist-in residence for Hinterland, Nottingham, and will be opening his first high street venture: Shop in Nottingham.

dress it

In 2001 Nicole Locher opened her design atelier in Paris. Taking inspiration by flea markets from Paris to London.
She works to make everything unique for her and every woman...
Sweet and sophisticated parisian fashion label that also likes it rough and dirty.

vintage vacations

After 24 years working as a photographic stylist she found herself running a retro holiday business on the beautiful Isle of Wight. Her Etsy name is Vintage vacations, she also make clothes, accessories and jewellery. Check her site too:

Sunday, June 29, 2008

asia made of lego

Building Asia Brick by Brick. Teach Through Play is a series of public interactive programs designed to encourage children to explore ideas about design and develop an urban awareness. Each collaborator adds to the composition without being allowed to see the previous contribution. Each team of architects and children will contribute a section to an imaginary city that represents both diverse aesthetic sensibilities and principals of community. The final product is both a vision of China and the act of modeling the inter-generational teamwork necessary to create tomorrow's community.

lomo of the day /01

a new serie...
(lomo by
Girla Obscura)

nothing is what it looks like

In Leandro Erlich's work nothing is really what it looks like: you can't swim in the pool, rain is a fake and gravity is reversed...

non-standard series

I love Studio Lo projects, they works on objects through strong constraints: ethical, institutional, technical and symbolic.
Their desire to manufacture responsible objects brought'em to the shaping of natural matter in a close dialogue with a local network of SME.
Without relay, nor financial support, Studio Lo has developed a poor design, adapted to small structures of production through very limited investments.

mixbaby's headbands

I'd like to talk a little bit more about fashion and handmade stuff (too much design in that blog). So let's start: I was looking for something for my head and on Etsy I've found marvellous headbands by mixbaby. You can find a lot of fabrics and a lot of summer in her works, just see them...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

polaroid of the day /10

(polaroid by dream in colour)

a stranger in my photo album

People that accidentally join and participate in your photographs by appearing in the background or at its edges are only noticed when printing out your holiday snapshots. Specifically these people are the main subject in Strangers in my photo album. Found within the personal photo albums of Erik Kessels, these people are isolated which gives them an importance they did not have before. Anonymous and yet, because they are present in your photographs, they become part of your (photographed) life. A man changing a tire, a girl on ice-skates. Who are they? What kind of life do they have? How do they feel?

rubik's chair

Have you ever thought to the Rubik's cube as a soft chair? Here it is. An Italian designer, Donato Nappo has designed it for NOmadeDESIGN.


These posters have been produced by Studio8 for the US-based charity Rainforest Action Network (RAN) to raise awareness of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.
Studio8 Design is an award-winning independent graphic design studio with a reputation for delivering intelligent and engaging creative solutions.

Friday, June 27, 2008

knit park

Here they come Bicycle and Swing both handknitted and framed inside a 9inch x 9inch shadow box on an off-white fabric background. The creator of that stuff is Christina Oh, currently located in Los Angeles, CA. in april 2008 she graduated from art center college of design in Pasadena, CA with a BFA in illustration.

wall stickers

Antoine+Manuel are a duo designer from France. You can find their crations on Domestic.

mobius loop

The Mobius Dress proposes an inherently inside-out and outside-in garment. The Mobius Loop, applied to the body, creates one continuous loop designed to turn inside out as it unravels. Structured only by the body, dress twists and turns to form a continuously evolving surface as it unwinds and intertwines to form a perpetually changing surface in relation to the body.
Designed by My Studio, the dress "challenges clothing's absolute adherence to conventions of interiorty and exteriority."

I can't forget

Have you ever heard something about Rob Ryan? I was reading a magazine, and pouf... I fell in love with his papercuts! Just look at his site and his blog, you'll fall in love too!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

the juke-box that never ends

It's something like a web radio in streaming on line. You can search by your mood the song you're gonna listenfrom the 50s to today. After the click Musicovery gives you a song's map with the mood selected...What are you waiting for? Try it!


If you like to buy interesting design books and you don't mind the price: Lars Müller Publisher. Lars Müller works closely with his authors to produce high-quality publications of great independence with the best possible finish. Lars Müller Publishers' books are more than books. They are objects and need to be present in reality. You have to smell them, touch them and feel their weight in your hand.

I'm on...

I've seen that Zazar said something really sweet about me on her blog.

mademoiselle jolie

This is really a fabolous creator on DaWanda! Mademoiselle jolie is a 23 years old girl who loves things made with bows, little buttons, gentle colours, shiny fabrics and a bit of tenderness. I love pink flamingoooo
She has a blog too...

leave me a message on the toast

There is a new media: the toaster! Ahhaha!
With that toaster you can write your message and print it on the bread! Faboulous!
The project is by Sasha Tseng.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

animal alphabet poster

Lorena Siminovich (born in Buenos Aires) is a San Francisco based artist, designer and illustrator. She became interested in design for children in 2001 when she moved from Buenos Aires to New York.
Lorena has written and illustrated several children’s books and has more projects in the works.
The collages are made with found, recycled, painted and vintage papers.

a little bit of love to share

The Toy Society is a small project spreading the love throughout the streets. Nothing to it really just a bunch of handmade toys made by The Toy Society looking for a nice home. You should come across a member of The Toy Society on your travels collect them up and take them home with you! But don't forget to send'em an email to let them know about it. And...if you can't find any toy on your way, there are instructions to make it on the net (there's an appropriate section). This is so, so cute!

I'm on...

Hey hey oohh! Modish has putted my blog on her lists of blogs, under category "design blogs"... Thank you Jena! :D
I'm very happy!

Monday, June 23, 2008

really ancient wallpaper, or not?!

The design studio Timorous Beasties was founded in Glasgow in 1990 by Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons, who met while studying textile design at Glasgow School of Art. Timorous Beasties are experimental in approach to both hand-printing and machine production applyed to wallpaper's creation.

typo scarf

Here is a really fun post to share with you: a typographic scarf! Lovely!
Little factory produces under Item limited these gorgeous scarves... They are cutted by laser and are in 100% Microfiber Suede, size is 160 x 10cm.