Sunday, June 22, 2008

zazar bazaar

Hey, hey, hey! Have a great Sunday you all!
Today I'm gonna post something by DaWanda. I'll talk about a girl who creates exciting and faboulous accessories: Zazar!
She creates beautiful felted brooches and button!
She is a graphic designer and now freelance illustrator and crafter (amazing).
She started getting crafty seriously about a year ago.
A month ago Zazar left her design job to dedicate herself on crafting and illustration and now she is trying to make these two disciplines come together as unified whole. I think that Zazar hit her process on the nail!
What she says: "I hope that my pieces put a smile on your face - afterall we sometimes need a little something to stay chirpy!"

You can get in touch with Zazar here:
her site
her blog the crafty illustrator of gardnerville
her flickr

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