Thursday, July 31, 2008

knives pitcher

From circus with love: a woman's silhouette to keep knives. On Singulier.

knit tool

Do you like knitting? Are you able to do it? If you want to go at the park and you'll enjoy to be the more fashion knit girl, you must contact Arachknit! Yes, you'll do. So, let's go shopping girls!

passion fashion

Sunny Haralson studied fine arts at the Art Institute of Chicago and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. While roaming the streets of New York, she was inspired by the crazy clothes people wore there . When she came home to Texas she started Rubypearl. Her clothes will make you feel feminine and unique in her one of a kind wearable art.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

bunny suicide

Have you ever heard about Bunny suicide?
So, what to say, this is the jewellery version! It has been created by The apple tree (founded in 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand), each piece is handmade and is crafted individually with love and care in every detail. This makes each piece unique and different.

home sweet home /07

Gehry and Lanya live in Oakland. Both Gehry and Lanya love to travel and have an incredible knack for creating community. Their home is the nexus of those interests and is seeped in the impact of the people they have met around the world and around the corner. Specifically, the color palette and the impromptu dance space attest to the amount of time they have spent in South and Central America.

easy kit

Those are innovative growing system. It's easy to see why; no other plant display creates such drama while being so easy to maintain. These wall-mounted and freestanding models are an easy way to add a breathtaking plant display to your home. Each kit includes the planting grid, top and bottom trays, a cedar frame, mounting hardware and complete instructions. So cool!

wicked minky

Hello there, I'm going to show beautiful jewellery from Phoenix. Her name is Corissa, she likes to paint, to draw and her man is a tattoo artist. Her inspiration comes from tattoo and from the '50s. Check her Etsy shop, marvellous!

super mario's landscape

These picture are part of an art installation entitled Landscape and feature, well, a landscape from Super Mario Bros. It is an entire room! From the pixelated, multi-surface mural depicting the iconic stage, to the 3-D bricks that emit sound effects from the game, the entire project demonstrates an almost obsessive attention to retro gaming detail.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hey, I've decided to create a new post serie. It's going to be about tooth, not necessary milk tooth. Is it a good idea? Do you think it is boring? Let me know...

lomo of the day /09

(lomo by James UK)

pottery tuning

I like everything that remind old fashioned things, and I like when things are mixed up too.
Do you remember old telefilms and movie? Or you can take a rock star, or even a magazine that talks about skate. Le Garage Pierre Blanc makes pottery tuning. Those are fine arts! Ahhaua And Luche libre is my passion.

oh my doc

My document bag series is designed with the concept of applying computer icons. The design turns the symbol everybody knows into a substantial bag. Either a user or a passerby will recognize such visual effect, anyone can't wait to smile looking at the bag.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Marissa Shipman is The Balm founder, a makeup line that remind to the 50s for the really interesting packaging.

dressed for dinner

If your boyfriend prefers his old white tee shirt, with this napkin at his neck he'll actually look like he made the effort to get dressed for dinner.

I love sushi

If you love sushi, you can't smile in front of that! Ken Kawasumi is the artist, but even the chef!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

fashion ping pong

Hunn Wai has created a ping ping table for Paul Smith. It has been created to play and also to work. Hunn Wai graduated from the IM Masters programme of the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007, under the direction of Droog Design co-founder Gijs Bakker. I love Droog Design and Paul Smith'ping pong table too.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

romantic fashion

Look at Minä Perhonen! It is a fashion brand working to produce clothes which do not lose their allure through lapse of time.
The name of the brand originates in Finnish as the designer sympathized with the lifestyle and the culture of Finland. Minä means "I" and Perhonen is "butterfly," with a wish to make many beautiful designs like those of butterflies' wings.