Sunday, August 31, 2008

tooth time /03

Allow your newly toothless little one to place their tooth inside his or her own tooth fairy plush pillow. Imagine their delight when they wake and see what the tooth fairy has stuffed inside...


Commonly I make use Google calendar, bacause it's simple and very very usefull. But when I've seen at these pages I thought I can change my habit...or maybe I can use both. It is a calendar printed by Egg press on recycled paper with soy inks.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

domari nolo

Taken from the 1776 1st Continental Army's standard flag, the motto "Domari Nolo" is translated from Latin as "I will not be subjugated," a historically typical refrain, underlying the patriots fierce love of liberty and independence. On ErnstandThistle's Etsy shop.
source poppytalk.

graphic I like

Friday, August 29, 2008

hotel door hangers

This is a collection of hotel door hangers. Micheal Lebowitz's grandfather had been in the foreign service and he had filled a whole wall of his study with hotel door hangers from all his travels throughout the world. They're really beautiful, enjoy.
source grainedit.

vintage accessories

If you want to work on a vintage desk you have to look at Three potato four site. You'll find spectacular things. I think that you'll fall in love with everything they sell, as me.
source sfgirlbybay.

polaroid of the day /20

(polaroid by rahen z)

wrist worms

Sandra is an illustrator and like crochetting. If you have time check her blog (she posts beautiful photos about her life). She creates nice puppets and not wrist worms. Look for her on Etsy.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

hilda the pin-up

She is Hilda, she is a pleasingly plump pin up illustrated by Duane Bryers. Duane Bryers is one of America's most gifted artists and has been for the better part of his ninety-four years on this planet. He earned a living as a commercial illustrator until his early fifties and gradually found himself garnering a nice amount of attention as a fine artists who specialized in western theme paintings.

a field guide to weeds

Kim Beck is a graphic designer. She makes drawings, prints, paintings and installations that survey peripheral and suburban spaces. Her work urges a reconsideration of the built environment bringing the banal and everyday into focus. She is so clever and cool in the same time. Look at her Idealcities site.
source swissmiss

something I'd like to buy

A new serie for the blog. We are next to September and we can breathe air of changes (as every beginning of autumn). So, the new serie will be dedicated to homedecor, to something I'd like to buy for me (maybe you can find something for you and your home).
Those 2 Tea pot are by Tas-ka.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

home sweet home /10

Allie Bruch lives in San Francisco. Every piece of furniture or decoration has a story, and even though her look is very eclectic, everything works in perfect harmony.

graphic I like

From a poster show. Source redblackbrown blog.

back from a journey

Yesterday I came back home from a journey with Andrea (my boyfriend). We went to Summer Jamboree festival in Senigallia and then to Andrea's granny. At the festival we went back into the 50s! Ilove it. We also spent few time at the sea. Then we went a few days in Rotella near Ascoli Piceno. It was so relaxing and funny! Between Senigallia and Rotella we visited Frasassi Caves (if you have a chance go and visit'em), gorgeous!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Chikabird is Chika Eustace has partnered with Jean Lee to dig through scrap bins, sew wallets, and sing along to Hall & Oates. They consider it their mission to help you get rid of that awful worn-out leather thing in your back pocket.

wonderland's bakery

Eugene and Louise Bakery is the sweetest team-up ever between three Belgian friends: Glenn D’Hondt & Sylvia Meert (aka Eugene and Louise) and Tinne Mermans. Chocolate dreams, sugar-bomb tastings and the nostalgic love for some real home cooking brought them together. Cutie Cakes: baked goods chain providing sweet tooth customers with the cutest cupcakes in the world.

lomo of the day /12

(lomo by +Maco+)

Monday, August 18, 2008

graphic I like

Surfing on the net I've seen that graphic by Finzo.

I wanna dress

I like Forever21 site, even if it doesn't sell to Italy. Sob! If you're from a Shipping detisnation that it reachs, shine your eyes in front of it.

bonjour mon coussin

Claire Eglizeaud and Paul Moreau, a designer and a graphic artist from Bordeaux developped Bonjour mon coussin in 2007, a new and surprising concept.
I'd like to share that pillows with you, because I think they're so pretty...