Wednesday, November 5, 2008

legend of chimians

Lori Brown from the Etsy's shop Morninglori creates some beautiful puppets. She takes inspiration from the legend of the Chimians (here in a short version): Chime was a fertile and prosperous land, filled with creatures as diverse as the imagination can conjure, all Chimians had coexisted in flawless harmony until… the Explorers came. The Explorers entered Chime through a portal from another land. They came and went with their tools and devices and strange behaviors, they believed their actions harmless, noble even. They were on a quest for knowledge and discovery. Their folly laid, quite simply, in their refusal to acknowledge that actions have consequences. In this case the consequences were dire and it was the Chimians who endured them. Climates began to shift, food became scarce and habitats deteriorated leaving many Chimians hungry, without shelter and, far too often, orphaned. As time passed conditions worsened and the creatures of Chime grew fearful of the future. Explorers continued to enter through the portal and some Chimians grew curious about where they were coming from. One morning a band of young orphans hatched a plan. Two of them would go through the portal to investigate the other side. They wasted no time setting about their task and by sunset the two had returned, with such tales to tell! Word traveled quickly and creatures from villages far and wide came to listen to the stories. It was decided, they would travel through the portal in search of new homes…

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