Tuesday, December 9, 2008

waiting christmas /5

I like Martha Stewart site because it is a great source for every kind of idea. there is also a section dedicated to Holiday craft, another to receips and so on, but the lovlyest one is the handmade gift section.
One of the handmade gift published right now is: how to create Japanese Motif Soaps.

Start with bars of white soap with flat sides. (The side where you will place the pattern should be smooth, with no etched words or designs.) In a photo-editing program, draw boxes that are the same size as the bars of soap. Import desired patterns into boxes, and print onto white water-slide decal paper. Spray printed sheet with a clear acrylic coating to set colors. Cut out patterned boxes, rounding corners as required to match the shape of the soaps. Affix patterned cutouts to the soaps, following the manufacturer's instructions.

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