Tuesday, January 20, 2009

moustached t-shirt

That project is by 2 friends of mine, they are Mr+Ms Bananas and Taglio.
The project is a t-shirt with a series of moustache that you can attach and detach because there is some velcro...
I really love that moustached t-shirt, it is a very odd project and make me smile.
By the moment they selled all the t-shirts they create, but I'll notify right here if they'll produce something else.
Please don't waver if you want some more info, send me an email...I'll forward every comment to the guys!

Uh I forgot: if the moustache are sloppy there is a comb!


Daniele said...

fin troppo gentile sorella!

Paola said...

I got it!!!!
it's too rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!