Sunday, March 22, 2009

pamela love

Cadavers have always fascinated Pamela Love. The daughter of an orthopedic surgeon and the granddaughter of a dentist, the jewelry designer's bizarre childhood fixations—"I've always loved bones and teeth"—seem inevitable. Today, Love has parlayed her forensic interests (which, beyond the skeletal, include the zodiac and taro) into an eponymous jewelry line that fuses the whimsical with the raw. Love admits to also drawing heavily from the great outdoors. "I'm obsessed with nature and science," she says. As a result, the line is filled with wildlife references: a raven skull necklace, a fanciful talon cuff, and a bejeweled crab claw ring are among Love's favorite designs. "I like pieces that are both rock-and-roll but still earthy," she says.

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