Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ninon et nioui

Just few days ago I found on BettyJoy an amazing illustrator for french children books, she is Telle. I left a comment on her blog, and in few hours she answered to me with a kind email.
She lives in Rouen (next to Paris) with her boyfriend, that is a comic book author, and their 4 years old baby. Even if Telle told me she never get to an artschool she creates amazing illustration and puppets. Infact thanks to Trousselier at Playtime, by now she has a collection of dolls...simply amazing.
By the moment I saw the dolls I felt in love with them! They are nice fellow, something like old style dolls made only by tissue.


JamieDOTBall said...

w-eow these are tooo good im jealous

cyriaque_l said...

It's true that Telle is an amazing artist. I really love her dolls and what she creates. And thanks to her blog I can discover yours I really appreciate !