Friday, July 10, 2009

printed matters

Printed Matter is an interesting visual project developed by Evelin Kasikov which integrates graphic design with textiles, digital with hand made. It’ s a book born to offer a three-dimensionala reading and viewing experience.
It is a project about craft within the context of graphic design. It is a book design project where book is seen as a tactile, three-dimensional experience as well as a reading and viewing experience. Important part of the project is my specially developed technique - hand embroidery based on the analysis of optical mixture and colour printing processes. The content of these books evolves around seeing as an active process and takes inspiration from the complexity of experiencing visual messages.


pauseability said...

Love the combination of elements. Visual and tactile. Thanks for pointing out this very interesting project.

milk tooth's rain said...

I love the colours and the way they match..