Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This is a very particular post: it is dedicated to a brand that I really really love. Use only this brand for my bags and when I can I make a gift to myself or Andrea - I got 4 bags while Andrea 1 bag and 1 wallet. The brand is called Freitag, from Zurich, produces bags and wallets made entirely of recycled materials: truck tarpaulins, seat belts and bicycle inner tube.
Now that I live in Berlin, I only have a flagship store dedicated to them, but there are still left with the terror of being unable to leave the store.

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ANNA said...

haha this week some students in my new class here in zurich made a research about people wearing freitag bags, i was so influenced by it that i dreamed a crazy dream about freitag-bags in the night! :D :D

btw i will make the interview thing tomorrow / sunday ;)