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Hi there,
I got around 2.500 hits a week and maybe you are considering sponsoring Milk tooth’s rain Blog (me), don't you?
Here is the way:
Regular Ads, on the left side bar: size 100 pixels high x 180 pixels large, USD 20/month
Premium Ads, on the right side bar: size 140 pixels high x 180 pixels large, USD 30/month

All sponsors will appear on the top of my page (just below my profile link) and will have a specific sponsor blog post about shop/blog/products together with the ad launch and a special mention on Twitter (and automatically on Facebook).
I consider a month as 30 days regardless of the calendar Month.

I’ll offer you a special 3 Months (90 days) package:
Regular Ads: USD 50
Premium Ads: USD 80
That Ad rating is valid till the end of September 2010.

If you want some info about my statistics just email me at glittercoki[at]gmail[dot]com

The payment: I’ll accept only Paypal, I’ll post your banner within 24 hours by the payment.

Thanks a lot for your attention,

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