sandra juto: an Interview

In the last weeks, since I moved here in Berlin I thought that could be an interesting idea making some interview to bloggers I follow.
I'm doing that work between a things and another and I took some time to send all the emails, because even if the questions are basically the same I prefer to change some one when circustances require it, to personalize the work.
The first blogger has answered to me is Sandra Juto, let's take a look on her answers (I didn't manage either questions or answers, cause I don't want to change any meaning or interpretation).

Me. I have tagged your blog into my bookmarks with the tag " lifestyle ", if you'd give only one tag to describe your own blog, what term would you use?
Sandra Juto. This is a tricky question, limiting myself to just one word would make me feel shut in :)

Me. What is the triggering reason that make you create a blog?
Sandra Juto. Taking pictures. Since i started taking pictures a few years ago, I became a happier person because I started searching for the good and beautiful things around me, which has made me see things completely differently. I love to share what I see, because hopefully I will make someone else see the positive things around them.

Me. Today do your blog project coincides also with your daily-job? If so how much time has elapsed before that could happen?
(Please note that I know you got both the blog and the shop and a lab, that I really love and is one of my inspiration when I do crochet - but do the shop represent you daily job?)
Sandra Juto. Everything I do is both work and play, the border between work and play is very blurred and I like it that way and i guess that's how it has been as long as i can remember.

Me. Tell me a little bit about the process of reserarching inspirations for your blog, where do the ideas come from?
Sandra Juto. I don't do any research, I don't have any plans on what to blog - it just happens as life happens and when my camera is there to help me get a picture of it. Sometimes I think I would like to have a more organized blog, just posting one or two times a week, but I don't think I would make it - I'm too impatient and want things to happen instantly.

Me. How many hours do you dedicate to the blog daily/weekly?
Sandra Juto. Oh. I honestly have no idea, as I wrote in the last question - it just happens.

Me. What does a typical day at work involve for you?
Sandra Juto. I always start my work day replying e-mails, drink tea and pack orders from my shop. After that I do my work which varies greatly.

Me. Do you collaborate with mag or other blogs? If possible, what?
(I've seen you collaborate to How we say hello blog, with Famapa - I love her own blog too - how started that co-operation? It is an interesting blog with nice resolutions, where do you find all the stimulus?)
Sandra Juto. How we say hello is the only blog collaboration I've done. Famapa and I were friends on flickr and one day we both decided to do a blog together and the inspiration came mostly from a blog called 3191 - a year of mornings; Stephanie and Mav are two friends who used to post one photo each and join them together - that's what famapa and I did too. Just a few weeks after we had started our blog, Famapa came and visited me in Gothenburg and we had so much fun and since then we are very good friends.

Me. How many time do you dedicate by reading other blogs?
Sandra Juto. About 5-10 minutes a day, I used to dedicate much more time before, but now I take a walk instead - both body and brain need it.

Me. What tips can you get to someone that will start a blog?
Sandra Juto. Blog when you have fun doing it, never feel obliged to do it if it doesn't make you happy at the moment. post things you like, but keep in mind that it's extra fun if it could be interesting for someone else too. blog about your own things, personally i think it's always much more fun with a personal blog than a blog picking stuff from other people's blogs.

Me.Which are your favourite blogs by the moment? What tag describes them in a better way?
Sandra Juto. I always enjoy reading my friends' blogs: Lisen, Famapa, Johan, Camilla, Elisabeth. My link list is full of great blogs, check it out here.

Me. What are you looking forward to?
Sandra Juto. A new season, I love the change of seasons!Well, thank you Sandra for your helpfulness!

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