Sunday, April 25, 2010

my new discovery

It's not so simple to keep my blog roll up to date, maybe I am just lazy. But, but today is Sunday the sun is shining in the sky and I'm supposed to stay at home to make some house cleaner, to surf on the net and to read a book (in that moment I am reading Johnatan Safran Foer's Eating Animals - I am vegetarian of course, and the book is very very interesting also if you are not veg).
But let's go beck to the real subject of that post: the thing I'd like to do is to post almost four blogs in a week, that I discovered during tha week (by emails recommendations, one link to another and also thanks to the RSS feed).

So, my new discovery of that week are:
Visually delicious - not updated very often, but really nice.
Forever is today - Hilda talks about hers everyday life.
Fresh 365 - a collection of vegetarian receipes taken with beautiful picture.
Ice cream social - Two friends and the love for design, paper, vintage and...
The picture I used to create my list is taken from Meryl CA's Flickr (it is a Creative Commons)


ANNA said...

pretty album! i love that idea!!! sunny greetz :)

Ice Cream Social said...

Thanks so much for posting us on your blog! It is much appreciated :)

xo-M & J

gabrielle said...

thank you for sharing Visually Delicious!