Friday, April 16, 2010

whitney: an interview

If you click the " about " link on Darling Dexter blog the first sentence you can read is: " What started as place to share personal projects and thoughts has turned into a daily source of inspiration for style, decor, and design. ... ".
And that blog is a real inspiration to me one post after another. The girl behind the blog is Whitney, she answered to me super fast, and I am grateful for that.

Me. I have tagged your blog into my bookmarks with the tag " inspiration ", if you'd give only one tag to describe your Darling Dexter, what term would you use?
(because you talk about design, craft, shopping and fashion ... and because of your graphics)
Whitney. Inspiration is truly the most fitting word - because that's what it is, a place to share what inspires me in all forms (from photography to fashion). I have a broad range of interests and Darling Dexter is my online space to put everything under one roof.

Me. What is the triggering reason that makes you create a blog?
Whitney. It really all started as a place to share my latest projects and things that interested me and just bloomed from that. Now it's a part of my life, almost like a hobby that I just can't shake - not that I necessarily want to :)

Me. Today do Darling Dexter's project can be considered part of your daily job? If so how many time has elapsed before that could happen?
(I know that you are a graphic designer and also photographer)
Whitney. I really like to consider it a hobby. My goal has always been to keep it genuine and low-key - a thing that I enjoy to do, not something that I "have" to do, like if it were a job. It goes hand in hand with my photography business and other things that I work on as a designer.

Me. Tell me a little bit about the process of researching inspirations for your graphics, where do the ideas come from?
Whitney. I'm constantly using my google reader or tumblr to gain inspiration but I really like to blog content that strikes me and work that I truly believe in.

Me. How many hours do you dedicate to the blog daily/weekly?
Whitney. It varies from week to week. I'm currently back in school so I don't have the time that I use to but I typically spend 5-10 hours a week developing content for Darling Dexter.

Me. What does a typical day at work involve for you?
Whitney. Thankfully, I'm not working full time right now. I'm either in class or working on school work. My husband and I are photographers, which takes up a lot time on the weekends. So I find time to blog during down time when I'm at home. All in all, besides a set class schedule, my days vary from week to week.

Me. Do you collaborate with mag or other blogs? If so, which one?
Whitney. I have in past some, especially while I was planning my wedding, but lately I've been so busy that I can't really take on extra projects. Once things slow down, I'd love to do that more.

Me. How many time do you dedicate by reading other blogs?
Whitney. I use google reader and check it at least one to three times a day. It's impossible to read all of the blogs I would like to, so I have an evolving list of about 200 I try to keep up with.

Me. What tips can you get to someone that will start a blog?
Whitney. You have to have genuine content, something you are interested in and really believe in. I truly feel that's the most important characteristic of a successful blog.

Me. Which are your favorite blogs by the moment? What tag describes them in a better way?
Whitney. Like I said, I read over 200 so it's very difficult to name just a few! I have blogs that I've been a loyal follower of for years and brand new ones that I just recently fell in love with. But to name a few... Mint, Ellenitza, For Me For You, I'll Seen, I'll Said, Design is Mine, Unruly Things..

Me. What are you looking forward to?
Whitney. Summer!

Thank you Whitney!

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