Sunday, May 16, 2010

my new discovery

That week I've done a lot of things: I went to school for the German lessons, I started working on new crochet projects and I did an interview for a job here in Berlin, it seems that I have a job!
I will start in June for 15 days of training, then I'll go back to Italy for a week and in July the 1st I'll start working; it is an Internship for online marketing, seems perfect to me!
Even if I've done a lot of things I discovered new blogs as well, here they are:

perdi o fio à meada - Vera João from Portugal describes her life and shows her beautiful crochet creations.
lea bolvig - a lifestyle blog made with beautiful images.
assemblage - bautiful pictures and craft things, amazing.

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lea said...

hey coki, thanks for your comment the other day and i'm honoured to be mentioned : ) hope you've had a swell weekend!