Sunday, September 12, 2010

100.000 means giveaway

I am reaching my big goal: 100.000 hits on the blog! I am so excited and happy, because it means that you love it, what I post, what I love.

To celebrate the goal with you I organize a Giveaway.
I'm giving you a Photocamera shaped brooch I created few times ago with my sister for our project Timebomb - One of a kind (on sale on DaWanda).
No matter where you are from I will ship it everywhere (and you won't pay anything).

How to partecipate:
- please write here a comment and answer the question "Which is the moment of your day you'd photograph? Why?".
- leave your comment before next Sunday (September 19th, 2010) at 21.00 Berlin time.
- don't forget to leave your email.
- I will choose the winner randomly among the people who answered the question.

Good luck and let's celebrate together my goal!


Megan Leone said...

I would photograph my husband sleeping next to me when I wake up.
Why? Because it's the first thing that makes me happy.

Caroline H said...

I prefer the evening - to capture the night life and lights that you don't capture in daytime. I LOVE that brosch by the way ;-)

Renato_Artestudio said...

Je vais écrire le commentaire en français, parce que, icì, le blog est plus internationale. ;-)
Je suis très content de ton objectif, le suivante consiste à ajouter un autre zéro, et pas avant....
un superabbraccio!

brubru said...

il momento da fotografare della mia giornata è il tramonto da casa mia. I colori sono sempre spettacolari!!!

Sardinella Sardine said...

Well... i would love to take a picture of the time when i walk my dog "vodka" in the morning... Is almost certain that we have some "freedom face" to feel the wind in our faces while we watch the blue sky without clouds and enjoy every smell of the day that has just begun... It´s an amazing feeling!!!

Alicia said...

My mornings! Because every day brings new surprises!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

I like the light in the mornings, I like how everyone is just waking up and the people who are about seem to walk slower and things are just a bit more pretty :)

I would photograph some of the people at my train stop because i wonder what there days brings..

Anonymous said...

I would photograph whichever moment I happened to look best in. Why? lol, because I look my best at that moment :D

Silvia said...

Io fotograferei la sera.. quando tutto rallenta e ci si ritrova nell'intimità del proprio salotto, un libro, luci soffuse.. me&you&thebunny ;)

Viol@ said...

Mi diverte fotografare i miei figli appena svegli, perchè sono anche più stropicciati dei loro cuscini! :-)))