Monday, September 27, 2010

inside my bag

I understand I can't pretend you to send me pictures of what is inside your bag, since I haven't posted yet what is inside my own bag.
Here you are!
This is the weekly-go-to-work mood that's why I have lunch box...One thing that I really love is to be well organized for everything (sunglasses, hat and iPod saved my life several times!).
In future I'll show the weekend-shopping mood and the weekend-go-out-at-night mood eheh.
I hope this is the first step that encourage you sending me your pictures (it is not necessary to write on the pics what is inside - I can do it - but I appreciate soemthing like a list).


Anonymous said...

yesssssssssss! la mia di borsa ti interessa? appena riesco faccio la foto.


Tigerlilly Quinn said...

I keep meaning to send you mine! this weekend I promise :) xoxo