Sunday, October 3, 2010


Thanks for the interest in Milk Tooth's Rain sponsor, in this text I'll give you some informations about my blog and how to become a sponsor.
Sponsors are chosen based on their relevance to MTR readers and the topics covered here.
I do not accept paid posts or text link ads inserted in posts, or products in exchange for editorial coverage.
If you want some info about my statistics email me at glittercoki[at]gmail[dot]com and I will give you all the numbers.

Now the prices:
. Regular Ads:
____size 100 pixels high x 180 pixels large,
____1 month = USD 25
____3 months = USD 60
. Premium Ads:
____size 140 pixels high x 180 pixels large,
____1 month = USD 35
____3 months = USD 95

I consider a month as 30 days regardless the calendar Month. I’ll accept only Paypal payment and I’ll post your banner within 24 hours by the payment.

All sponsors will:
. Have a banner on the top of my page.
. Have a specific sponsor post on the blog about shop/blog/products together with the ad launch.
. Have a special mention on Twitter (and automatically on Facebook).

That Ad rating is valid till the end of April 2011.


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