Thursday, October 7, 2010

secret pocket

In these days I am setting up my Etsy shop, it is still empty, but I am going to fill it day by day in the next weeks. That's why I am surfing on Etsy trying to find out the best solution to take pics of my items and to give a cool description.
I love Secret Pocket shop: products, pictures and so on! Take a look because the more you buy the more you, sounds like a temptation.


Anonymous said...

Grande Coki! Io amo etsy...son curiosissima di vedere il tuo negozio. Ora mi sto dedicando parecchio alla maglia e al cucito, mi rendo conto di avere tanto preziosissimo tempo libero ora che studio...a presto!vale

kenzie said...

Thanks so much! That is so sweet of you. Great blog!