Friday, December 17, 2010

voodoo's beauty market

Tomorrow there is a new episode of the Voodoo's Beauty market and I'll be a ghost presence, since I am in Italy right now, but Oryanne (CFT) has offered me to take care of my brooches and magnets.
It is a good plan if you are in Berlin and it is snowing and you want to be in a nice friendly place with a cup of tea in one hand and a handmade object in he other!

There will be:
a Hairdresser with Persona Non Grata (haircut about 15€ on on appointment at, Tattoo with AKA (tattoo by sarah B Bolen on appointmant at, Designer market, Vintage market, Beauty corner, Cup cakes and pies with Ohlàlà (delicious), Cocktails and glühwein with Chez Jacki, DJ's and chilling corner and glamour shot by Etsy—with props! Show off your new You and take a photo home. It’s diorama-mazing…
Entrance 1€ - Chez Jacki An Der Schilling Brücke (Berlin)

ps= I'll ask Oryanne the pics made by (strytllng and maikitten) you can find the pics made last time.

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