Saturday, January 22, 2011

my mac

My dears,
the HD of my Mac Book is broken and I guess in a week I will change it, but in the mean time I can't post since I am using Andrea's computer. I don't know if you ever had the feeling that if you are not using your own stuff you are not able to work or creat with the same mood you can have with yours.
Please be patient, I'll repair it as soon as I can.

ps: picture by Carl Kleiner.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

home sweet home /107

A loft in San Francisco is the HSH post of today.
For Rob and Barb, it was loft-love at first sight. After months of seeing places in their price range that made them cringe, they happened upon this light-filled gem. The only problem was the small army of other folks who felt the same way. After riding the emotional rollercoaster of a bidding war and a very slow moving bank, their offer was accepted Christmas week of 2009. By New Year’s Eve they were hosting their first party in their new home.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

lomo of the day /118

I want to ride my bike again.
Title: Pole dance.
Author: libicocco.
Lomo: lc-a+, Fuji superia expired.

Monday, January 17, 2011

stump ring

How much do I ove gadgets? A lot! The ring I am showing is something amazing lovely, you can also customize it with the letters you want, definetly cool.
Don't forget to check out an exclusive stop motion movie starring the Stump ring, made for D&I by Mac Premo.

craft space /53

Kayte's new studio, she has a desk but she admitted that spends a lot of time working on the floor. By the way I love the colours.

i love tea parties

This I love tea parties mug is full of kitsch tea party illustrations, everything from fairy cakes and teapots. I love the mug and tea parties too.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

interesting display /191

I spent the morning working on a poster for the collective of some friends of mine, maybe I'll show you the final version as it will be ready.
In the mean time the interesting display of that grey Saturday afternoon.
I wish I have a kitchen like the one in the picture, with lot of drawers to keep everything in order, with a lot of space to slice, work and lean useful objects.
Enjoy, I guess I'll be back on Monday, so...spend a nice relaxing weekend!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

bird feeder

I am thinking to buy a bird feeder and I am looking for something really stylisch for the small cute parrots I want to guest on my balcony, here is what I found:
1. Orange peel egg bird house
2. Bird bread
3. Feed bird feeder
4. Human ash bird feeder

foot picture/26

A glittering foot picture for you, since we just turned around the corner of the first half of the week.

lynda l.: an interview

I started again doing interviews, I like it and I think that you appreciate the answers I receive.
The interview of today is to Lynda by Littleoddforest a lovely handmade shop full of goods inspired by forest and fairytales, I love it!

Do we want to start? Yessss!

Me. Who are you? A little introduction of you:
Lynda. Hello! I'm Lynda Lye, founder, designer, & maker of my own label littleoddforest, and I live in a tiny warm humid dot of a country, Singapore.

How did you discover that you have creative tendencies?
Lynda. According to my family, I have been drawing and doodling and cutting since I know how to use my hands, like since 2-3 years old. My dad has kept all the little people cut-outs I made when I was 3-4 years old.

Me. What sparked your interest in sewing creating stuff like the one we can find in your shop? Did you attended to any school?
Lynda. I learnt how to use the sewing machine in Secondary 1 (junior high) when all the girls had to go for Home Economics classes. It was then pointed out to me that I was pretty good at sewing perfect straight lines and round circles. But that was that, since I was in the Science stream. I hand-make gifts for my friends every now and then, as a teenager, like zipper pouches, felt cards, and so on. I wasn't as fortunate as most other designers/crafters/artists, who got to dabble in what they love at an early age. Art and Asian family does not go hand in hand that well that often. It wasn't until many years later, when I went to art college in Chicago, and took a Fashion Accessories class, that I decided that I love making things with the sewing machine, and hand crafting little things, more than anything else.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Lynda. Really from anywhere and everywhere. I don't purposely seek out inspiration, instead, just by going out and about would just do it - people-watching, films, books, stories, music, nature, playing with my cats, my strange dreams, etc. Although I'm generally attracted to colors, and all things unusual, kooky, quirky, cute, and forest-themed.Me. ps: I love the forest theme too!

Tell me a little bit about the process of researching inspirations for your creations, where do the ideas come from?
Lynda. Honestly, I don't do any actual research at all. Everything we come across everyday is recorded subconsciously in our minds. From reading, books, what i see on the streets, what I listen to etc. I love all design books, children's books, and going out to see the world. I doodle and sketch alot. And I like referring to my older drawings - I see a different thing from the same sketch each time.

Are a full time crafter? Walk us through your typical workday.
Lynda. Yes I am! Mornings from 8-9am are usually for sending out order packages, replying urgent emails.. and then everything else that follows thereafter (usually by 12noon) is free-flow, according to what needs to be done, or what I feel like doing that day. Like taking product photos, listing new items, drawing new designs, sewing up prototypes etc. We usually pack orders during late afternoons. And then knock off for late dinner. And depending on my schedule, I can go right back to work late in the night and wee morning hours till as late as 3-4am.

How do you decided to open a webshop? And how do you choose to create a new product instead of another?
Lynda. When I first started out, there weren't many (if any at all) crafters in Singapore. It was the entire really awesome crafting community online, from the US, that helped me get through my earlier struggling times, which was why I decided to start out online, since 99% of people who understood, appreciated and supported what I did came from outside of my own country. Also, I don't need to pay rent for a physical shop, and it allows me total control over my time management. I crave flexibility, and having a physical store simply doesn't allow much of that.
I make what I like! And then I make more of what people like to buy from me, like my bags and home decor items etc.

Do you manage yourself the whole process? Since the concept to the pictures?
Lynda. Yes. Everything single thing.

What are your plans for future? How do you see it years from now?
Lynda. For these 2 years, it would be expanding my range of small accessories, work more on my plush toys, maybe start a stationary line, hookup with more retailers, and participate in at least 1 craft fair overseas. The possibilities are endless.

Which are your favorite crafters by the moment? And which blogger?
Lynda. I don't have any favorites of anything, except for food. LOL. whenever I stumble upon a design/style I love, I just buy it! some of whom i like are Heidi of mypapercrane and Xin of doinkydoodles. I also don't keep track of names of anything, if i see/hear something i like, i like it for i saw/read/the way it looks etc. Not because of who made it or who wrote it. I'm a really lousy blog follower too, because i try not to be online unless i'm doing something work-related. So, just a few of what i like are bleubirdvintage, pikaland and designismine.blogspot
Me. Well about blogs you listed 3 of my favourite too!

Me. Which are your favourite website?
Lynda. Again, no particular favorites, because I don't browse online that much at all. But I do love apartmenttherapy and

Any closing comments?
Lynda. Thank YOU for supporting us!I have to say that I really liked that interview! Lynda is so cute and nice...

ps: you can find Littleoddforest on Facebook and Flickr.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

new looks

I definetly love Totokaelo website, it is full of looks I'd like to combine when I have to go to the office or out for a night.
Check the website and tell me which is your favourite look!

home sweet home /106

I love Ikea family live, it is an interesting way to show how people are using Ikea's furniture to set up cool places. Here you are an italian home sweet home, located in Milan, a place for a family with two kids. Some famous design items and some Ikea.


Moa is a super interesting project by two German designers, Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau, they have decided to create a serie of baskets made with elastic yarn in fluo colours. I love them!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

lomo of the day /117

This picture is simply amazing. Fox is my favourite animal and in the picture shows its natural beauty...
Title: Two wants more jam.
Author: tiny_packages.
Lomo: the picture is not a real lomo even if it looks like, the fotocamera used is a Canon EOS 400D Digital.

foxy look

I love that foxy lady look I found on Sanna's Land of illusion, Sanna is so cute and has a perfect fox hair colour that match perfectly with her t-shirt (Asos).

Monday, January 10, 2011

light of the north

I love garlands and I love Ghostpatrol! The project Light of the North is amazing: 9 prints per package gocco printed in a limited edition of 100 (hand printed, signed and numbered / archival print paper).

craft space /52

Convoy always shares beautiful pictures. Let me say that I love that lab so in order, so clean, so relaxing.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I want to announce I setted a coupon on Etsy, for the entire month of January there is 20% off everything in my shop. To enjoy the sale you only have to use the code MILKJANUARY at the checkout.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

lomo of the day /116

Back to the snow...
Title: 000036.
Author: usbmonkey.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

welcome 2011

Hey there, I am not posting that much in those days. Busy with the christmas and new year celebration, I haven't forgot you, but in the same time I had a lot of things to do, people to meet, thought to think.
This evening I am leaving to go back home in Berlin and in a while I am going to set up my bags.
I was thinking on the new year's resolutions in those days, here is my small list, what is your one?

2011 resolutions:
01. Be more organized and certain.
02. Dedicate more time to myself.
03. Eat more greens.
04. Enjoy more and more the good time with people I love.
05. Bike more.
06. Spend less money buying things I don't really need.
07. Focus more on the English grammar (I know mine sucks).
08. Read more books for pleasure.
09. Learn something new.
10. Focus on one project a time.

ps: I took the pic a couple of weeks ago from my bedroom in Italy.