Thursday, August 4, 2011

small worlds

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Twig is the project by two close friends, Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow.
Michelle and Katy create small stories through terrariums and miniature figurines, from idyllic pastoral scenes with cows and horses to angry punk rockers and Central Park muggings.
I'd like to have or create one, I like the idea of the tarrarium in a modern view - I'll think about that!
Twig è il progetto portato avanti da due amiche, Michelle Inciarrano e Katy Maslow. Michelle e Katy creano delle piccole storie attraverso i terrariums e delle figure miniaturizzate, dall'idilliaco scenario pastorale con mucche e cavalli a punk arrabbiati in Central Park.
Mi piacerebbe avrene o costruirne uno, mi piace l'idea del terrarium in chiave moderna - ci penserò su!


Misha Lulu said...

hi Coki!
I love terrariums! These are awesome!

Missus D said...

haha! Love it! Shared it on Pinterest and my facebook! Something worthy to be shared.