Thursday, December 1, 2011


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As you might know I love giftwraps! In this very moment I am home alone packing some presents, December is a demanding month because of birthdays and Christmas.
How many people do you know who celebrate birthday on December?

ps= The giftwraps in the pictures are by Minimega.
Come saprete adoro le carte regalo! In questo momento sono a casa sola e sto impacchettando alcuni regali, dicembre √® un mese abbastanza impegnativo tra i compleanni e il Natale. 
Quante persone conoscete che compiono gli anni a dicembre? 

ps= Le carte regalo nelle immagini sono di Minimega.


Fenke said...

this is really pretty paper. and in our family december is busy - my mom, my sisters boyfriend and me all celebrate our birthdays this month.

Vesle Serena said...

I like this so much it hurts!! :) I once had a boyfriend -he was born on the 24th of december..alway felt sorry for him, he got only ONE chance a year to get a gift :)