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View East Along Glen Highway Toward Mount Drum (Elevation 12,002 Feet) and Intersection of Road and Trans-Alaska Pipeline...08/1974 Abandoned "Giant Slide" at Coney Island Marks Decline of Area's Recreational Use 05/1973 "No Gas" Signs Were a Common Sight in Oregon During the Fall of 1973, Such as at This Station in Lincoln City Along the Coast. Many Stations Closed Earlier, Opened Later and Shut Down on the Weekends 10/1973 Residents of the Century Village Retirement Community Gather Around Pool for Daily Exercise Session.
I am in love with Instagram and I really like taking pictures of things around me at home, but also during a walk. But, I must say, that on Flickr there are vintage pictures Creative Commons very very interesting and beautiful, I selected some pics belonging to the U.S. National Archives and part of the Documerica serie.
Adoro Instagram e mi piace fare fotografie a tutto ciò che mi circonda a casa, come durante una passeggiata. Ma su Flickr ci sono delle fotografie retrò creative commons veramente interessanti e bellissime, quelle che ho selezionato per il post appartengono al U.S. National Archives e fanno parte della serie Documerica.

xo Coki

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