Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[ 10¹² ] TERRA

[ 10¹² ] TERRA [ 10¹² ] TERRA [ 10¹² ] TERRA [ 10¹² ] TERRA [ 10¹² ] TERRA
Hydroponics is a subset of gardening in which plants are grown only in water while terrariums are enclosed ecosystems for raising plants. Elegantly combining the two is [ 10¹² ] TERRA, a new shop started by Daisuke Tsumanuma and Kenichi Yamada. “The name of the brand…was inspired by the number of cells produced per day (10¹²). We started this brand to create products that mirror the constant changes of life, full of new discovery.”

Sunday, July 28, 2013

urban survival pack

urban survival pack urban survival pack urban survival pack urban survival pack
Here you are an interesting and useful project: the Urban Survival Kit project by Auckland-based multidisciplinary designer Ryan Romanes.
The task was to create a designed and considered solution to the contributing factors of urban poverty. The solution came in the form of an Urban Survival Pack for children, to be placed in schools for use as an instructional device by teachers. The contents of the kit include a bit of everything: 12 cardboard tubes, varying in sizes; 3 sizes of tubes contain emergency equipment, gardening utensils, seeds and seed raising mixture; and 6 smaller tubes containing vegetable seeds are designed with the intention of being re-used as miniature pot plants.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

insteresting display /219

I love the sculpture in the room by Hay (check the previous post). I guess I am going to try to crochet it myself!
source Bolig

Friday, July 26, 2013

my fav brand of the month

my fav brand of the month my fav brand of the month my fav brand of the month my fav brand of the month
Yesterday I went to Milan with my mum and sister. We went to the Rinascente where I finally have seen "alive" some products of the brand Hay, well, I am in love with all their chairs, tables, textiles and accessories! Now it's your turn to dream about Hay.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

fox and flower

Happy Summer everyone! I love this poster on Etsy by Kariherer.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


uguisu uguisu uguisu uguisu uguisu
Japan mania and stationery mania are two of my fav obsessions, which are yours? Uguisu is an online shop I discovered through Facebook and it means that I daily receive updates on what I can find and buy, sometimes I take inspiration to make my self envelopes or greetings cards, sometimes I am just in love with washi tape and linens. Well enjoy it and I wish a new Japan mania for you as well!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

our little daisy

our little daisy our little daisy our little daisy our little daisy
I just found an Etsy shop where I am going to buy something, the name of the shop is Our Little Daisy and I love the minimal shapes of the clothes that Mia Green creates.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NYC pt 3, Brooklyn

Hello there,
I guess this will be the last post about NYC and it will be about Brooklyn (DUMBO and Williamsburg included).
The borough of Brooklyn is definitively my fav one: lower buildings than in Manhattan (and I am not thinking about the skyscrapers) it is greener and very calm.
We went there a couple of times on Sunday and once during the week.
Williamsburg flea market #newyork
On Sunday there are flea markets in Brooklyn: check this website 'cause the location changes during the year (Winter to Summer), we have been to both the Williamsburg and the Fort Green.

This neighborhood is perfect to have a look of Manhattan from the other side of the East River, the flea market is beautiful and if the weather is fine you can eat something in the park, actually the park is the same where the last Renegade Craft Fair was made.
Williamsburg flea market #newyork Manhattan from Williamsburg side #newyork Artist & flea #newyork

Tiny Empire: small batches of raw, organic, unpasteurized juices that are packed with big flavor and essential nutrients.

The burger guru: lovely and tasty veggie burgers, but also hamburger for not-vegetarians...


Awoke vintage: The Awoke collection is handpicked from across the globe, with careful consideration given to each and every piece.

Artists and Flea: On the way to the East River State Park you'll find it (N7th St between Kent and Wythe Ave)

Earwax: if you are looking for LP such as Rock-A-Fella

Verameat: hand-crafted jewels made with fine materials as ecologically sound recycled silver and pure 14k gold.

We have been there to visit the Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn, since Etsy is a sponsor of the Band Loch Markt project. I must say it has been a beautiful experience we had and Eatsy (lunch with the team) and we visited the offices.
Etsy photobooth #etsycisiamo #newyork @Etsy
Manhattan Bridge #newyork
Dumbo #newyork

Dumbo looks like an industrial part of the district, but it reveals few surprises. It is where the Brooklyn bridge arrives.


West Elm: quite famous because of the partnership with Etsy, this is a cool shop for forniture and homedecor.

Zakkacorp: an amazing shop managed by a superkind Japanese guy plenty of books of graphic design, architecture, magazines and toys.

One place where you must go is prospect park and all the surroundings.
Then if you have already been to the MoMA, you can use a second time the tickets to get to the MoMA PS1.
Brooklyn #newyork

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

vestida de domingo

vestida de domingo vestida de domingovestida de domingo vestida de domingo vestida de domingo vestida de domingo
Las Teje y Maneye is one of my favorite blogs in terms of crochet-talking, the editor Ingrid is really able to find a lot of cool inspirational crochet project. Few times ago there was a post about Vestida de domingo.
In the work of Macarena Gómez you will find beautiful pins, combs, necklaces, but what strikes me is how her work uses the technique of jacquard, with that size crochet so well with all its parts working, performing more detailed creations.
I really suggest to take a look because are simply amazing!