minimalism minimalism
When I started to study industrial design at the university I wasn't into the minimal design. Because I didn't like (you can disagree if you want) Ron Arad and Philippe Stark approach to the concept of minimalism in itself, I have always been in love with a kind of minimal style interpreted as modern mid-century.
At one point I asked myself if it wasn't just a different trend, I guess it is even though sometimes it is explained in a comparable way.
Nowadays I am happier about the interpretation of that new wave of minimalist black and white a bit japanese and back to the functionality mood, because it is a mood and not a trend you must follow and also because it is a mix and match of old and new objects. This gives to everyone the chance to have a very personal style.
If you are looking for different variations of that new minimalism, there are dozens of examples on Pinterest (i.e. homewares by Michelle Halford, interiors bu Ten Things, Architecture and Interior Design by Soo Corner and so on). How do you like it?

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