Wednesday, September 25, 2013

a pattern for band loch

Did I told you?
On Oct the 9th we celebrate the second birthday of Band Loch and for the second time we want to offer to Band Loch's fans the chance to take part to the celebration.

Create a design for our tote bag and send it to, you have time till October 9th 2013 and we ask you to design a pattern with something that reminds you our motto: Handmade with love!
_ please use 2 colors maximum (don't consider white, because it won't be printed anyway)
_ the design must have the Band Loch logo inside (you can find it HERE)
_ dimensions of your design must be less or equal to 21×30 cm
_ the pic has to be in Hi-res (at least 150 dpi) _ format file should be *.jpg or *.pdf and less than 500Kb
_ you can participate with one design only
_ please do not place your logo in the design, we will inserti it in the label of the bag as unforgettable sign of our coop
_ do not use more than 2 colors (in silk-screen printing every color respond to a different frame)
_ if you have questions please drop me a line (

As prize you have the time to win:
_ an Etsy Gift Card (value 100,00 USD)
_ the book DIY Furniture A step-by-step guide by Christopher Stuart
_ 3 tote bags with your design printed by Corpoc
_ your name will be printed on every single tote bag as coop with Band Loch

Monday, September 23, 2013


From today my Pillow drops and my Leaves shaped potholders are on sale on Buru-buru too!
Buru-buru is an italian e-commerce for crafters, they selected me (as well as other 200 makers) and asked me if I wanted to join the community.
I love the idea of an italian craft community, which focus on a new DIY wave!
This is something we are trying to do with Band Loch - in different channels of course - but the goal is the same: build a direct connection between people and independent makers/businesses.

Oh and I am in homepage!

Friday, September 20, 2013

more & co.

more & co. more & co. more & co. more & co.
How many time can we fall in love with a shop each day, week, month? The More & Co. shop is in constant motion, taking shape every few months around a certain theme or set of ideas. It is minimal and original and there are a lot of objects both for kids and adults, things that you'll appreciate day by day.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

interesting display /222

interesting display /222
This picture is taken from a post on Design*Sponge (one of my fav blogs dedicated on homedecor), I really like the colors and the chair.

Friday, September 13, 2013

custom orders

This year I decided I want to take a little advance on Christmas, so I start today the promotion about CUSTOM ORDERS.
You can drop me a line here in the comments or on the socials and I give you all the info about the colors available and timing for your item to be made and prepared for shipment.
The products available for the custom orders are:
1. Drop shaped pillow (check also here).
Perfect for cuddling, playing, gift-giving, and decorating your room, the cover is made of wool (70% virgin wool, 30% acrylic) the stuffing is 100% polyester.
Size approx L 22cm x H 32cm (8 3/4" x 12 1/2")

2. Drop stuffed with lavender
Perfect on the radiator to diffuse the smell of lavender, as a draft excluder on your windows, as ornament for your home sweet home, made with yarn (50% wool 50% Nylon) and stuffed with polyester and a ball of organic lavender.
Size available are Large 15cm high, Medium 12cm high, and Small 8cm high.

3. Leaves shaped pot holder/coaster (check also here).
Size are 12cm large and 14cm high, the package is made of two leaves in 2 different colors. If you wash 'em: hand wash and lay flat to dry.

4. Christmas decorations
Pendants for your Christmas tree, made of wool and stuffed with polyester, about 10cm high.

Friday, September 6, 2013

disco volante

disco volante
There is a pizzeria in Vienna designed by Austrian architect Lukas Galehr with a huge discoball inside. Covered in hundreds of tiny mirrored tiles, the spherical pizza oven is positioned amidst the dining area and is anchored to a central chimney that allows it pivot from its centre.
source Dezeen

Thursday, September 5, 2013

woolly socks

woolly socks
I was looking for some nice design of packagings/logos and whatever for a new project I am working on and I bumped into this cute design by Guertle Bachmann, for the fashion label Closed.
Each package has a pair of woolly socks and a unique illustration of each family member (Dad, Mom, Son, Baby).