gluten free diet

gluten free diet
Did I told I am on a super strict diet?
I must say I do not have any kind of affection, at one point I thought I must talk with a nutritionist because I am vegetarian since 15 years right now and I felt like I was bored by the food I had and I lost all the interest into it.
Right now I can't eat nor drink milk and cheese and it is a kind of gluten free diet, it means no pasta (only the one made of spelt and other cereals), no beer, no pizza, no bread, oh I love bread. It has been quite difficult during the first month and now I can have pizza once a week again, but it is the only concession I have (in the last 3 months I have lost 6kg).
Recently it looks like gluten is the poison of the XXI century, how do you feel about that?
Avoiding gluten made me think more and more about the importance of a diet with a lot of variations and in these days I am thinking about a 2weeks diet for winter.

The picture was taken from Taste William-Sonoma.

PS= I am also focusing more and more on Bento boxes, they are so cute! Do you remember the post I made almost a year ago? Check it out here.

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