Saturday, December 7, 2013

instagrammers: mamawatters

One of the things that really relaxes me is using Pinterest and checking new pictures on Instagram. And one of the most relaxing woman on Instagram is Amanda Watters as known as Mamawatters.
I love to enter in her life and to check how she spend the days with her 2 kids (I wrote as mistake sons), I also asked her about the filter she was using to take pics (I told you something about VSCOcam last week).
Amanda is also the kind blogger behind it's the little things, where she really allows you to enter her life on the tiptoe. I am pretty sure you'll love her.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that it's probably just a harmless mistake and by no means am I sure anybody would be offended, but Amanda actually has a son and a daughter, not two sons. She has Stella, who is three years old, and Theo, who is almost a year old. Just some food for thought.

Coki Milktoothrain said...

hey, thank you for your clarification! I corrected the post (I made a mistake and I am sorry for that)