few thoughts about blogging

few thoughts about blogging
In the last months I am thinking about the meaning of my blog and about blogging.
I always felt like: I blog because I want to keep note of the things I like, and in the same time I want to share them with people, friends and followers.
The reality of this is that you want to get satisfactions from blogging, receiving comments and likes or whatever makes you feel you are really writing for someone and not just for a like on Facebook.

Are we narcissists and this is the reason why we blog?
On one hand I think so, I really think so. But what happens when you are not reading any comment? Does blogging make any sense then?
Is anybody reading there?
Are you only on Facebook? If the answer to that question is yes, well I guess this is not enough for me.
I want to blog and write my personal thoughts for people, and I want people to say what they thinks. 

The reason why I don't get that much conversion is because of my way of blogging?
I also thought about closing Milk tooth's rain as a blog and open it as a tumblr - I registered a tumblr for 10 minutes then I understood I'm really into a personal style and I am into giving credits for the pics I post, so tumblr is not for me.
Someone suggested me just to collect pictures on Pinterest. I love Pinterest, it reminds me to my teens, when I used to collect stacks of pictures from magazines, even though Pinterest is my favorite Social, it is not that personal, it is a good tool to collect and look for ideas and things to post.

Maybe one of the reasons of my blah is that I know that we are completely overwhelmed from all the informations the web gives us, that we are not able to read anymore, we just watch pictures and we read (and understand) a word here and a word there. I do the same myself!
I follow a lot of blogs through Bloglovin, but which are the posts which really appeal to me? The post with a good picture, is the answer. I the picture is cool, then I read the content...

My conclusions are then: I'd give to Milk tooth's rain another chance! But... of course there is a "BUT", but I'll change a bit my style, checking for better pictures and writing more personal thoughts, making some compositions.

If you are reading this I ask you to be nice and to give me a feedback. This is just a stream of consciousness, maybe my thoughts are a bit in disorder but I guess you'll understand the ensemble.


pic found on Garden Trading

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