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While I am thinking about this blog and if it is the blog I want, I decided to start a news serie of posts: nice outfits.
If you follow me on Pinterest there is already a board dedicated to the outfits I like, it is my inspiration when I am completely without and I need an idea for a mix and match before I go for a night out or whatever.

About the blog, I am not 100% about what I want, because I'd like to have millions of user reading me, but I know it isn't possible since I don't post that often, I'd like to have sponsors, but if I don't have enough visitors - maybe I should just start a Tumblr with pictures I well I don't know. I'll keep posting since I don't know what I really want eheh (oh suggestions are welcome of course!).

Pic taken from The Sart(re)orial

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