Thursday, February 27, 2014

interesting display /230

The interesting display serie is mostly about display I like and I'd like to be able to represent in my own place (at least mostly of the times). In this case the picture has been taken in The Student Hotel in Amsterdam, an all-inclusive and affordable accommodation for students. The location is quite cool and to be a student living there should be really comfortable.
I found an article about the hotel on Casa Vogue Globo.

Monday, February 24, 2014

millet and arugola pesto

Do you remember I told you I'd share some recipes of what I am eating?
Well, last week I shared this pic on Instagram and some friends asked me to share the recipe (for 4 people) you are my dears.

Millet and arugola pesto
280 gr millet
2 cups arugola
1 spoon pine nuts
1 spoon olive oil
2 spoons grated bread
salt and pepper

First of all you have to rinse out the millet (to remove impurities), than cook for about 20 minutes it in salty water, equal to 2 times the volume of the millet.
In the mean time with a minipimer mix up the ingredients of the pesto: arugola, pine nuts, oil grated bread an a pinch of salt an pepper.
Once the millet is ready (and the water has been absorbed) mix it with the pesto.

Sweet carrots with basils
4 medium size carrots
1 spoon of dried basil

Peel and cut the carrots and cook them with salt and a bit of water, once they are almost ready add the basil. Then place on top of the millet and taste everything.

Please note: I used grated bread instead of Grana cheese because I wanted to make a vegan recipe, but you can use Grana if you prefer.

Friday, February 21, 2014

a wintercoat

a wintercoat
I was checking my Pinterest board called Nice Outfits this morning and, I think I need a wintercoat since I am collecting pictures on pictures of outfits with coats. Maybe It is too late right now, since every shop is already setting up the shop windows for Spring. Next year maybe? I like the one in the picture (by Collage Vintage) because it is a coat but also a jacket so I guess you can use it also in the middle seasons...Anyway it is on sale on SheInside for just 34€ - maybe I should buy it.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

interesting display /229

interesting display /229
This A-frame bookshelves are amazing, I like everything that has the shape of a triangle (or an A), but I also like that it surrounds the entrance of another room. In these days my passion for design and homedecor is growing and growing, because I am watching on the net an Italian TV Channel, called Laeffe, where there are a lot of shows about art, design and architecture; and since our house is always changing there are a lot of inspirations! The A-frame bookshelf is taken from MarieClaire Maison.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

instagrammers: brickandpendant

She is brickandpendant and her pictures are so cool! She is from Vancouver and I guess she is a photographer. That's all I discovered through her Instagram in these days, because she is my last discover on that Social. You can also follow her life on

Monday, February 17, 2014


style /2 style /2
Striped T-shirt are a never ending story of love to me, I love them in every season even though on Summer I do my best. It is so easy to look good with a T-shirt and a pair of jeans or a skirt. The cover pics comes from Better Happier Inspired. Then in the collage: 1. Marinière by Petit Bateau, 2. Mariniére Stripe Sweatshirt by APC, 3. Dress by Zara, 4. Flavien striped tank top by Isabel Marant and 5. Heavyweight cotton jersey by COS while in the middle of the picture from Ann Street Studio, Walter Pfeiffer.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

interesting display /228

interesting display /228
I think I have a weakness for wallpaper, since this is not the first time I post about wallpapers! This modular paper is very interesting. The designer who produce it - Mina Kani Lab - explained that their bespoke collection isn't available by roll, it is printed to fit individual wall dimensions. Isn't it cool? It means you can perfectly frame windows and organize your place without hiding any interesting part of the wall.

I must say I'd also like to have the Palermo model.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

kit diy

diy kit

Have you ever tried a DIY kit? I never did, but I am a bit tempted by the iPhone cross stitch case and the kits by chutbysewetlaine available on Etsy.

There are several ideas available on the Web for DIY Kits, if you are into them you can check two different kind of "subscriptions", the first idea is form For the Makers (I love their website, it is fashionable and cool), then there are the German girls od Supercraft.
Then another interesting website where you can find tutorials and, sometime kits, is Kollabora - I posted a tutorial few times ago.

Friday, February 7, 2014


A Making Rows Quilt
Soon the blanket I am making will be finished, I already have a custom request for a new one, but I was  thinking about another project: a crochet blanket made as a quilt. I am not 100% sure the idea will end up in something real, but I think it could be an interesting project.

Pic found on Maureen Cracknell Handmade

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

in the mood

Smoky Beetroot Hummus // The Year in Food
I am in the mood for cooking in this days!
Recently I started buying vegetables form a group of guys who are collecting Zero impact seasonal vegetables: they send you every Monday an email with the availability, you answer with the veg you don't want and in the end on Friday you can go to their headquarters to collect your case for just 10,00€.
I am eating a lot of cauliflowers, Savoy cabbage, lettuce, carrots...

Do you remember I redesigned my diet? Because of that I also bought a book from an Italian guy (Le ricette dei magnifici 20. I buoni piatti che si prendono cura di noi ) where he explains through recipes and a brief introduction how to combine what you eat, how to cook and what is really healthy for us. I am learning a lot.
I will try some recipes and maybe take pics on Instagram explaining the making of.

Then, here you are some food blog I follow - some are vegetarian, some are not but I try to adapt recipes to a veg version:
101cookbooks CannelleVanille Greenkitchen stories • Have a cake will travel • Honest fare • My name is Yeh • My new roots • Naturally Ella • Olives for dinner • Veggie num num • What Katie ate
Ecocucina • GiroVegando in cucina • Uno cookbook

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

instagrammers: kccesiro

Another instagrammer I love: Kristen Cesiro (kccesiro), she is an Interactive Designer & Art Director living in Brooklyn, NY. I found her profile thanks to Design*Sponge and their hashtag challenges and posts inspired by social media (the hashtag was #DSHealthyStart).

Monday, February 3, 2014

interesting display /227

I'd like to have an office like that one, with big windows and a lot of light coming in.
I like the wood desks and that old stools made by Ikea (I wonder why they are out of their catalog now), even though I think that my Aeron Herman Miller is something I would never ever change, it super comfortable and cool too.

The picture comes from Pinterest, I guess the magazine who published it is called RUM.