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Smoky Beetroot Hummus // The Year in Food
I am in the mood for cooking in this days!
Recently I started buying vegetables form a group of guys who are collecting Zero impact seasonal vegetables: they send you every Monday an email with the availability, you answer with the veg you don't want and in the end on Friday you can go to their headquarters to collect your case for just 10,00€.
I am eating a lot of cauliflowers, Savoy cabbage, lettuce, carrots...

Do you remember I redesigned my diet? Because of that I also bought a book from an Italian guy (Le ricette dei magnifici 20. I buoni piatti che si prendono cura di noi ) where he explains through recipes and a brief introduction how to combine what you eat, how to cook and what is really healthy for us. I am learning a lot.
I will try some recipes and maybe take pics on Instagram explaining the making of.

Then, here you are some food blog I follow - some are vegetarian, some are not but I try to adapt recipes to a veg version:
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