millet and arugola pesto

Do you remember I told you I'd share some recipes of what I am eating?
Well, last week I shared this pic on Instagram and some friends asked me to share the recipe (for 4 people) you are my dears.

Millet and arugola pesto
280 gr millet
2 cups arugola
1 spoon pine nuts
1 spoon olive oil
2 spoons grated bread
salt and pepper

First of all you have to rinse out the millet (to remove impurities), than cook for about 20 minutes it in salty water, equal to 2 times the volume of the millet.
In the mean time with a minipimer mix up the ingredients of the pesto: arugola, pine nuts, oil grated bread an a pinch of salt an pepper.
Once the millet is ready (and the water has been absorbed) mix it with the pesto.

Sweet carrots with basils
4 medium size carrots
1 spoon of dried basil

Peel and cut the carrots and cook them with salt and a bit of water, once they are almost ready add the basil. Then place on top of the millet and taste everything.

Please note: I used grated bread instead of Grana cheese because I wanted to make a vegan recipe, but you can use Grana if you prefer.

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