Wednesday, April 30, 2014

instagrammers: nicole_franzen

nicole_franzen is a food, lifestyle and travel photographer based in Brooklyn, NYC. Follow her, you'll love every single shoot.

Monday, April 28, 2014

interesting display /234

There are several elements I like in this display:
 _ the wall made of glass to isolate the kitchen, I like the idea of the see through
_ the nice collection of pots for spices, flours and dry ingredients you can have in your kitchen
_ the bike inside home
Do you like it?

Source Home Inspiration

Friday, April 25, 2014

instagrammers: lindaberlin

I only know few informations about Lindaberlin: she lives in Berlin (hahha well it looks clear), she loves her city and she takes beautiful photos with her iPhone.
She makes me feel like I really miss that city!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

motivational poster for the office

I am planning a little move of the office - don't know when - but dreams are dreams! I bumped into a post by Ultralinx showing beautiful posters you can hang into your office's wall, I want them for good. These awesome collection of motivational posters that are perfect for the office or a workspace are made by StartupVitamins.
Which one you'd hang in your office?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

interesting display /233

I love the light in that place. We (Andrea and me) used to have the same sofa-bed in our apartment in Berlin, now we have something more comfortable - I must say that one from Ikea is nice but a bit too minimal, specially if you fall asleep in front of a movie...
Anyway the entire house of the pic is quite interesting, you can see it on planet-deco.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

milano design week 2014

Boffi #mdw2014 #fuorisalone2014 Patricia Urquiola for Boffi #mdw2014 #fuorisalone2014
On April 13 the Milan Design Week closed down till the next year, I spent just one afternoon in Brera district and I saw a lot of interesting brands and projects.
Here you have the small list of what I have seen with Andrea:

Visionica (Mediateca Santa Teresa-Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense) the experimental incubator of projects and cultural events that the non-profit association Amici di Mediateca will be developing in the 2014-16 three-year period. The project showing up were: Monster in the Spotlight a coop between Ducati and IED, MT tape shop and Garden and Robot Therapy withe project

Boffi (Boffi Solferino) a very cool showroom where it was possible to touch and see Patricia Urquiola's kitchen and several interesting settings for kitchens and bathrooms (the two pictures above have been taken there).

HAY and WRONG for HAY showcase their collections in a shared space (I was really longing for that exhibition). There were new pieces, ranging from furniture to lighting, rugs to ceramics, textiles, glassware and stationery and a pop-up shop where I bought two pieces of their famous Kaleido.

Cos/Nendo #fuorisalone2014 #mdw2014

COS x Nendo. This year COS worked with Japanese design studio, nendo, who have created an installation that explores their distinctive philosophy; re-imagining the everyday to create a small ‘!’ moment. Alongside the installation, they had a temporary concept store featuring a selection of COS pieces and items by nendo - simply amazing.

Then walking randomly we discovered two interesting projects:
La Chance, we loved a lot their booksleves and the lamps.
Miyazaki Chair Factory, really well made chairs, quite light and very simple even thought with a cool line of design.

Friday, April 18, 2014

interesting display /232

Amazing inside out: a lot of green and the feeling of calm and quiet.
The beautiful kitchen is handcrafted by Tindall (on their website there are few other pictures of that place, from different views).

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

instagrammers: halfgirl

Here you are another Instagrammer I love: halfgirl. Her name is Young and she is a student of Natural history conservation living in Copenaghen and she has a nice Photoblog, take a look if you want to travel with your mind into beautiful places...
Do you like my selection of six?

Monday, April 14, 2014

again tattoos

I talked few days ago about my new tattoo some nice small ideas by the american photographer Austin Tott: "Tiny Tattoos" a series that creates connections and parallels between tattoos wrists and decor in the background.
A tattoo bike on background of New York, a letter on the bottom of letters and quotes on a background of books the series is to discover.

Have you seen the small little fox?

Friday, April 11, 2014

I wish you

I wish you a very happy weekend!
Listen to good music, have nice and regenerating meals for your stomach and your soul, spend time with friends and laugh a lot.
I love that Joey Ramone's pic taken from vintage-rama.

Monday, April 7, 2014

tattoo plans

Thinking about a new tattoo, don't know exactly what I want.
I was thinking about a sweet little fox hugging a beagle like Ernesto, maybe made by Nicoz Balboa (a super cool artist I met in Berlin at a show she made long time ago), or maybe something more geometric... I guess I must think a lot more about that, because I'd like to complete my left arm, just close to the anatomic heart I have.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

how do you like biscuits?

On one of the last newsletter from Etsy there were the coolest rolling pins ever seen.
Aren't they cool?
I think this could be the perfect gift for someone who loves cooking biscuits (I have a couple of friends in mind). My favorite are the one with the geometric circles and the one personalized with a text.