dream house

Do you count sheep when you can't sleep?
I furnish homes to relax, it is funny but I do, I usually start from the living room, then kitchen, then studio and so on. I know you might think I am a bit crazy, but I think it is so relaxing.
Well, I told you about that because I was looking for an inspiration for a flyer I am working on and, on a blog called Carnival I found the house in the pictures.
How do you like it?
It is a bright blue house in Brooklyn, flanked by aluminum sided residences and low level garages. Because the original garage filled the entire lot, the owners were allowed to create an interior courtyard instead of a typical rear yard. MESH exploited this unique situation to create a home that is uniquely connected to the outdoors. The center of the house is made up of two adjacent volumes: a two-story great room and a courtyard with glass on three sides.
Well this is a kind of dream house to me.

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