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How much are you into architecture? I am a lot - I think I already told you that I furnish homes when I can't sleep.
Anyway without getting off the point, I received a newsletter talking about architecture and in particular talking about a project of the master plan for the entire area in Sluseholmen (an old industrial area in the South Habour in Copenhagen) by Arkitema Architects.
Arkitema developed the shell structures and drew up the overall game rules governing the proportions, materials and colours. These game rules provided a starting-point for the many architects who were invited to design facades, the individual houses are highly diverse in appearance.
The result is lively and imaginative block housing that is unique in Danish housing construction. Sluseholmen consists of eight housing islands, with large and small town houses standing side by side, together forming continuous blocks.
A main theme in Sluseholmen is the close contact with the water: bridges, wharfs and stairs that dive into the water, allow you to get close to the waterline, dip your toes in the water or launch a small ship – experiences that all emphasize the quality of living that close to the water. Another distinctive theme is the attractive urban spaces. In the narrow, intimate streets you really experience the Dutch inspiration. Also there are wide promenades, where the houses have a larger scale. Here you have the view to other areas of the harbor. The third important theme in Sluseholmen is the green courtyards between the buildings, here the families enjoy life in a more private setting, and there is enough space for both playing and relaxation. There is also room for a rose garden or a small private vegetable garden. The courtyards are built on top of big basement garages. I want to live there!

source Arkitema architects and Archdaily

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