etsy finds: MilkhausDesign

While outside is really warm and I don't have too much to do for work, I want to share an Etsy find with you.
Milkhaus Design is a project by Bethany Nelson, she creates pretty and practical items.
 Bethany believes every item you own should be stylish, no matter what it is. It's often the little details that make life just a little bit better and a little bit sweeter, every item in her shop is made of natural materials balanced with Bethany's love of vibrant and bold colors.
All Milkhaus Design screen printed products are printed with Bethany's original designs that are inspired by the everyday details she notices as she goes about her day. All dyed pieces are considered happy accidents, she custom mixes all dyes based on feeling rather than formula and is (almost) always pleasantly surprised at the results.

If you also want to get a bit in Bethany's life, you can read her blog too.

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