Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nave de la Música en Matadero Madrid

I receive a weekly email from the website Europaconcorsi, as you might know I am passionate about architecture.
Today in the email there was this project for RedBull Music Academy (RedBull is mostly famous for the energy drink, but the company also organize workshops covering music history, technology, skills, and business).
The 2011 edition of RedBull Music Academy was going to be held in Tokyo, but given the devastating effects of the earthquake, the location had to be changed. With only five months to plan, the city of Madrid took over. The creative space known as Matadero Madrid, which is located in an early 20th century industrial warehouse complex, was designated as the event’s new location. As a result, the project unfolded in the warehouse’s interior in the form of a fragmented urban structure in which the variable relationship between proximity and independence (they needed an infrastructure capable of meeting the precise technical and acoustic needs of the event), and preexistence and performance could offer unexpected stages to its community of inhabitants.
Project by Langarita-Navarro.

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