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Hi, I'm Coki,
I am born in Bergamo, Italy, after University (I have a degree in Design) I spent two years in Berlin, Germany, then I ended up in my hometown Bergamo.
I live with my beautiful boyfriend Andrea and we are both Graphic Designers, you can see my portfolio on I am also a crafter I do mostly crochet and sometime I knit, wool is my passion.
As crafter I created with two partners in crime Band Loch, a collective of three people who love craft and we organize twice a year a Market for crafters only.

I started blogging in 2008 as a notebook based in things I love&read during my daily surfing on the net. Now I evolved into a collection of things I love, personal thoughts, inspirations and also promotion of my Etsy shop. In future I'd like to grow into a business and brand of its own ... but only time can tell!

Working and eating #atmydesk

. Do you have a favorite animal?
Yes, I do! It is the fox. I think I am going to tattoo as soon as possible a fox on my arm and I am looking for the perfect design, in the meantime I am collecting objects and illustrations with foxes as subject.

. Is Coki your real name?
Nope, my real name is Veronica, but everyone calls me Coki since I was very young.

. Are you vegetarian or vegan?
I am a so called lacto-ovo vegetarian. It means I don't eat animals (cows or sardines they are both animals), I am trying to follow the healthiest diet I can, reducing gluten and milk as much as it is possible in a modern italian culture. What I try to do is to eat simple and bio and km0 to have more nutrients possible.

. You have a lot of nice small objects, where do you buy them?
Everywhere, when I travel I like to buy small things because they take less space in my luggage, but I also buy a lot online, for example on indie shops on Etsy or even on Amazon, doesn't matter where but if I like it, I buy it!

. Do you have a favorite Social network?
The socials I love are Pinterest and Instagram, I use them daily to collect ideas for the blog and to keep a track of my daily life. But I also use Facebook and Twitter.

. Can you describe your personal style?
I think I consider myself accurate and in the same time I do love a minimal style driven by organic and essential materials.

. When did you first started making crocheted products?
I started with crochet a long long time ago, my mum taught me the "How to" on a Saturday afternoon, I was sick and I wasn't able to go to a fellow's party, so she found it was a good entertainment, and it was...

. What are your favorite tools to work with?
Bamboo needles and wool (I prefer wool instead of cotton, it makes me feel comfortable).

. Is there someone you'd like to collaborate with?
Yes of course! I am in love with Yokoo, she is so cool, I also love Las Teje y Maneje and the Guerrilla ganchillo organized by Duduà.

. Your favorite magazines or blogs ?
I love the blogs of my friends Valeria - Chasing hygge, Tania - Superninon and a lot of other blogs crammed in my Bloglovin account. Then I love Uppercase magazine, Monocle, Kinfolk, Apartamento and many many more.

. What are three things you never leave the house without?
My iPhone, a pair of sneakers and my bike.

. What's next for you?
I wish I can travel all around the world, I wish I can use my days half working on graphic design half working on my crafts and my blog too.